Steve can now access all client records on the road.

With all documents in a single location, building relationships with clients outside the office has become a breeze.

Document management solutions to transform your organisation

Streamline your operations and fully harness your information with FileBound’s complete document management solution. Designed to help you find, control, optimise and protect valuable information, FileBound’s powerful platform saves records to a central repository, integrating seamlessly with your existing business systems. Providing full access to all electronic data, FileBound organises and secures your information, simplifying document archiving and storage.

Manage all your records in a single system

Control, store and access all records with the help of FileBound’s powerful document management capabilities. Use FileBound’s user-friendly dashboard to bring documents together from separate systems, helping you easily locate records, find information and share critical data across your entire business. Collaborate across teams and locations using FileBound as a single ‘source of truth’, simplifying processes, saving time and boosting productivity thanks to FileBound’s workflow automation and document routing capabilities.

Easily access documents from anywhere

Access documents using any internet-enabled device with FileBound’s cloud-based platform. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops can be used to instantly access important and critical information wherever you are, even if you’re working from home, off-site or on the road. By using a standard browser or by downloading a dedicated app, FileBound’s responsive design technology delivers easy access to documents while still providing a secure experience thanks to robust access controls on folders, files and specific functions.

Save on storage costs by eliminating paper records

Digitise paper records and provide online access to critical forms for your clients with FileBound’s integrated e-forms capabilities. Scan in physical records to ensure everyone has updated information without having to print, fax or manually send paper copies. Provide electronic forms to clients to eliminate paper and automatically capture key information at the point of entry into your organisation. FileBound takes paper out of the equation to streamline your processes, save storage costs and ensure full visibility of all your records.

Simplifying document management

Embrace greater efficiency with FileBound’s document management solution. Combining digital imaging solutions with workflow automation, seamless software integration and an easy-access electronic records management system, FileBound transforms document management and simplifies your processes.

Electronic forms

Create digital forms to collect data from internal users and external customers.

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Easy data capture

Convert any physical document into a digital record for easy handling.

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Connect FileBound to your existing enterprise systems for convenience.

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Mobile access

Choose how you access FileBound with mobile access capability.

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Flexible licensing

Choose how you use FileBound to match your needs and your budget.

Granular search

Conduct detailed metadata searches to quickly locate specific records.

User security rules

Configure user rules & security settings to control access and security.

Single system

Centrally access all your records using FileBound, wherever you are.

All the information you need in one place

Use FileBound’s user-friendly workspace to bring documents together helping you easily locate records, find information and share critical data across your entire business.


Streamline document collaboration and business processes

Streamline document collaboration and speed up business processes with FileBound’s document routing and automated workflow features. Create custom workflows to control the collation of feedback and information in vital business documents. Route invoices and supporting documentation automatically to designated approvers. FileBound’s simple drag and drop functionality makes automation a breeze, eliminating manual document handling and giving staff instant access to critical documents, saving your business time and money.


Control access to individual documents and records

FileBound’s Document Management System (DMS) makes accessing documents wherever you are easy, while also applying robust security and document control features. Assign security policies to applications within the system, such as staff files, to control access to sensitive information. Set roles within the system to ensure documents can only be actioned by approved staff. You can even control security rights around the functionality users have access to, such as printing, emailing, or editing documents, for additional security.


Track information access to maintain regulatory compliance

Securely manage and track access to information and maintain regulatory compliance with FileBound. Use Capture to scan and store paper documentation for quick and easy retrieval, ensuring all records are only accessible to approved users. Create custom workflows to govern important processes and provide full visibility of your records. Utilise FileBound’s user-friendly interface to locate and source the evidence you need for audit investigations and compliance reviews. It’s easy to ensure compliance with FileBound’s advanced DMS.


FileBound seamlessly integrates with a range of popular business applications to deliver even more benefits for your business.


RDO Equipment

RDO set out to find a better way to manage supplier documentation, including centralising and adding visibility to their cash flow process. They needed a solution that provided consistency, transparency and easy access to documents from any location. Working to a tight schedule, FileBound delivered an AP solution that met RDO's needs within six weeks, eliminating the need to transfer documents and reducing the supplier payment cycle from an entire month down to three days.

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