TASS AP Automation with FileBound

Accelerate accounts payable efficiencies for schools with invoice process automation into TASS

FileBound delivers document and workflow automation solutions that improve the operation of any organisation by connecting users with the information they need to work more efficiently and effectively.

TASS schools can use FileBound to automatically extract invoice data (significantly reducing data entry), route creditor invoices through a custom approval process and upload the approved invoice data directly into TASS via the TASS API*.

* School needs to have the correct TASS subscription.

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Whether part of a broad ranging information management initiative or a localised project-based one, FileBound helps school AP departments of all shapes and sizes redefine their AP process efficiency:

Remove bottlenecks

Streamlined processes ensure that invoices are paid on time and with less effort, eliminating the need to pass paper around, match invoices to POs or chase down approvals.

Easy access

Approvers can access invoices that are routed to them via their mobile device, allowing timely approvals from anywhere, whether at school, away travelling or working from home.

Increased visibility

Captured digital data exposes information about transaction volumes, financial liabilities and vendor interactions to identify areas for improvement and assist with decision making.

Improve service

Eliminate missing and duplicate invoices that lead to missed, late or over payments. The result: happier suppliers, happier team members and fewer service calls.

Reduce costs and delays

Invoices enter the FileBound solution quickly, are routed automatically, and are accessible from anywhere, reducing resource costs and eliminating the need to manage paper files.

Free up space

FileBound takes the paper out of your school, freeing up valuable physical space by storing documents electronically and reducing the costs of moving, filing, securing and storing paper.


Society of the Sacred Advent Schools

Generally, schools will collect and store past assessments as part of their standard operating procedure, whether paper or digital. However, new requirements to upload samples of student responses identified by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority meant that the samples needed to be gathered, digitised, and uploaded quickly and efficiently. Through integration with TASS student data, the Society of the Sacred Advent Schools (SSA) were able to easily store and retrieve assessments within a short timeframe.

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