Mobility puts the work where workers are

BYOD may be a headache for some, but not for FileBound users.

FileBound’s responsive design technology lets employees use FileBound’s document and workflow automation wherever they are with their devices of choice – without compromising usability. Whether using a smart phone, a tablet or a laptop, users have a seamless experience automatically optimised for the specific form factor.

Mobile access is included as a component of the FileBound system without additional licenses or fees, so users have the freedom to work however they choose by accessing FileBound via a standard browser or by downloading a dedicated app. And organisations don’t have to go through another procurement process to extend mobile access to their workforce.

Mobility is a key component in FileBound’s commitment to revolutionising the way organisations plan, manage and execute work. Allowing users to effectively use enterprise software at their convenience can dramatically reduce delays and inefficiencies, accelerating the ROI of a FileBound investment.

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