Dave can now stay on top of every project.

By accessing project documentation remotely, he can monitor progress on-site and manage issues on-the-go.

Increase oversight and streamline the construction process

FileBound simplifies project management and streamlines the construction process with a suite of solutions designed to keep every project on track. Combining a robust document management system with automated workflows and digital tools, FileBound delivers a collaborative system that ensures you, your contractors and your suppliers stay on schedule, assuring the success of every construction project.

Access the documents you need, on-site and off

FileBound’s cloud-based platform allows project documentation to be accessed from any internet-enabled device, including smartphones, tablets or laptops. Using a standard browser or by downloading a dedicated app, FileBound’s responsive design technology allows project stakeholders to review information from anywhere, allowing timely decisions to be made to keep jobs on schedule. Working from home, on-site or on the road, instantly access important and critical information wherever you are with FileBound’s convenient mobile functionality.

Improve stakeholder relationships and compliance

Improve your project stakeholder relationships with FileBound’s document management and business automation features. With all critical project documents held in one place, it’s easy to keep everyone updated with progress and to communicate important updates. FileBound’s workflow automation tool also ensures that no task is forgotten. You can create business rules to route important documents for approval and to prompt mandatory testing and certification at key stages throughout the project, enhancing overall compliance.

Take paper out of the equation - for good

By digitising and electronically tracking all project documentation, you can access plans, invoices, emails and signed contracts with ease. Whether you’re on-site or back at the office, FileBound provides instant access to the documents you need, when you need them. Scan in physical records and with a click you can ensure all project stakeholders have updated information without having to print, fax or manually send through paper copies. FileBound takes paper out of the equation to streamline your processes and simplify your project.

Simplifying the construction process

Combining digital imaging solutions with workflow automation, seamless software integration and an easy-access electronic records management system, FileBound transforms the construction process and increases project oversight.

Accounts Payable

Manage and track invoices on-site and back at the office saving you time and money and ensuring your project stays on schedule.

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Contract Management

Scan documents, create automated workflows and access contract data in a single location to easily manage vendors & contracts.

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Use FileBound to ensure all staff and contractors have the required clearances to work on-site in real-time to maintain full compliance.

Project Management

Stay on schedule by accessing project information instantly wherever you are, eliminating the need to store or refer to physical records.

Access the full picture on every project

FileBound delivers all the information you need in a single dashboard. Having all data in one place means less searching, less processing and more results, for you and for your staff.


Reduce paper and eliminate data entry

FileBound Capture eliminates labour-intensive data entry by digitally scanning all invoices and documents that come into your business. With Capture, critical information is pre-populated and validated as invoices, contracts and other documents are received. This not only frees your staff for more high-value work, but it also saves valuable time, reduces storage costs and makes it easier to find documents to keep your projects on track.


Enjoy easy access to secure records

FileBound’s Document Management System (DMS) allows you to easily access documents while also featuring advanced security and document controls to protect your data. With FileBound, you can control access to sensitive information, such as confidential contracts and assign specific roles to ensure records can only be actioned by approved staff. You can even control security rights around the functionality available in the system, including printing, emailing, or editing documents, to protect your records and maintain maximum security.


Ensure compliance on all construction projects

Reduce the burden of compliance by using FileBound’s range of solutions to streamline your business processes. Build custom workflows to embed compliance checks into every process. Automatically route documents to approved delegates for sign-off. Enhance visibility with a full view of current certifications and clearances for all staff and contractors and create reminders to alert you to upcoming expiry dates. With FileBound it’s easy to create a culture of safety in your business and ensure compliance across all construction projects.


FileBound seamlessly integrates with industry-specific finance systems to deliver even more benefits for your business.

Drive success in every construction project with FileBound

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