Records Management.

Compliance without complexity

Documents serve countless functions within an organisation from driving the application and onboarding process of new employees to confirming business agreements as binding contracts. Some of these documents also serve as records because they are evidence to support compliance, accountability or legal claims. FileBound offers organisations the ability to manage the retention and disposition of records as well as impose legal holds from within the intuitive FileBound interface.

Using FileBound Records Management, organisations can identify which documents need to be managed as records and create specific retention schedules and rules to accommodate practically any requirement. User roles can range from full records administrator to no access at all, with many variations in between.

FileBound Records Management complements the document and workflow automation capabilities of FileBound with the ability to:

  • Ensure that all declared records are retained according to internal and/or external requirements and provide proof that appropriate policies and procedures were followed
  • Oversee the consistent and timely destruction of records that have reached the end of their lifecycles to avoid potential liability
  • Guarantee that documents needed for potential litigation cannot be destroyed and are available to investigators
  • Provide a full audit trail and reporting on all declared records and associated actions to prove their validity and integrity to demonstrate compliance and disprove spoliation in legal actions
  • Deliver reports on legal holds, record destruction, record declaration and disposition approval as well as standard FileBound reports that track actions involving records
  • Present system-wide information about content, users, projects and activities in a convenient dashboard view

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