Finance and Banking.

Finance and banking simplified through document management systems

Banking today is a far cry from what it was even a decade ago. What once was virtually an entirely manual process is today an automated one. Loan approvals, check cashing and credit transaction are no longer tedious time-consuming operations. And, just as the systems themselves have changed so have the processes and document management behind them.

The FileBound Enterprise Document Management suite of solutions is ideally suited to the banking and finance environments. Not only does the system assure compliance with new federal regulation such as the FRCP Amendment, the PATRIOT Act, the Check Truncation Act and Check 21, but FileBound streamlines work transforming processes that once took days into simple tasks that require just minutes. Because information is instantly available to everyone within the bank who needs it, customers can get accurate information about loans, statements and other products from anyone on your staff. No tedious, time-consuming search—just quick accurate information at employees’ fingertips and they can send it directly from FileBound right to the client using our embedded fax and email functionality.

When there’s a merger or acquisition, FileBound’s capabilities become even more impressive to employees. The system is able to compile work created across multiple applications into one universal, accessible resource. And, you can control access to information to protect your client’s and the bank’s business assets. This game is all about intellectual property and maintaining control of it—FileBound is made just for this.

Indexing and metadata or document data gathering assures that it’s always easy to find the exact information needed. No more digging through files not knowing what someone named the document you’re looking for. Even from remote locations, even from a wirless card, employees can access information needed, which increases productivity and saves time.

Several types of documents you can manage using FileBound:


  • Account Applications
  • Account Statements
  • Account Closing Forms
  • Checking and Debit Applications
  • Direct-Deposit Enrolment Forms
  • Automatic Payment Change Request Forms
  • Transaction Search Forms Investment
  • Authorization Forms
  • Disclosure Statements
  • Stock Power of Attorney
  • Dividend Tax Exemptions
  • Indemnity Agreements
  • Informal Trust Agreements
  • Shareholders Agreements
  • Investment Performance Summary Reports
  • IRA related documents

Accounting & General Finance

  • Audit worksheets
  • Audited reports
  • Cost estimates by product, department and cost element
  • Cost reports that compare actual costs against original estimates

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