Document management solutions for engineering

When it comes to document management systems the field of engineering is a whole different animal. You’re handling CAD files, DWG (AutoCAD) files and DGN (Microstation) files. Your document management system must be able to store, copy and distribute these files and also allow a client to download and modify them too.

The FileBound Enterprise Document Management Solution smoothly meets all the document management needs of engineering firms. Files can be easily shared with a team, or clients, working from far-flung sites. Plus, files are stored in their native format and accommodate clients’ unique document nomenclature for revision numbering and file naming.

Like many industries, engineering documentation encompasses a wide range of media. You have drawings, hard copy correspondence, emails, CAD drawings and permits. In the past, all this extraneous information was loosely gathered into file folders for storage in bulging, disorganized file cabinets and ultimately in boxes in the basement.

Today, with FileBound, that’s all changed. Now every miscellaneous piece of information can be scanned and stored within an electronic file within the FileBound document management system. Sometimes having access to a document back at the home-office and being able to drive over to the local copy shop and print it means the difference in making a deadline or having a really bad weekend. If a document needs to be worked on by multiple employees, you can track it through the system; always knowing which version is the most current. Plus, you can restrict access to certain files to protect your, and your client’s, property. That’s something that’s nearly impossible to achieve when everyone is working out of a physical file cabinet or off some shared drive at Sharon’s desk.

Best of all, when a project is completed, you have a full record of its history that’s up to date and ready to refer to as needed in the future. It’s efficient, easy to use and secure.

Several types of documents you can manage using FileBound:

  • Design Requirements
  • Design Schematics
  • Test Specifications
  • Test Results and Test Reports
  • Operating Manuals
  • Schedules
  • Problem Reports
  • Inspection Reports
  • Materials Purchase Invoices
  • Statutory Reports
  • Manufacturing Plans
  • Assembly Plans

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