Accounting solutions for today’s highly regulated environment

Yesterday’s accounting firm relied on file cabinets, boxes and whatever filing system the secretary deemed logical for organising records. Things have changed today. We’re living in an electronic world. Unfortunately, far too many firms have simply put the administrative assistant’s old filing system on their computers and hoped for the “best”. Let me assure you, the “best” is none too good anymore.

With the advent of sophisticated document management solutions like FileBound, it’s a new day in the accounting office, a banner one for both clients and the accountants who serve them.

FileBound combines both workflow process and document management solutions to create a system that gives accounting firms and organisations control beyond anything they’ve experienced in the past. More than simply handling tax forms such as Income Tax, Business Activity Statements and reports, FileBound helps you create a document management system that controls the flow of work through your office—including remote locations—so everyone who needs input into a document can have it and in the sequence needed. You can know who is working on a document, who has worked on a document and who is scheduled to contribute down the line. The result is a highly efficient, streamlined process that serves both your firm and your clients well, and assures greater compliance with stringent laws impacting the accounting field.

The document management system helps you establish a method of identifying files so they can be easily located by anyone in the firm and stored in a way that limits access only to those who should have it. In addition, every file is backed up and fully secured so that not only is danger from hacking diminished, but also disaster recovery is assured in the event of fire, hurricane or tornado.

The FileBound system allows easy and logical integration of all your documents, emails, hard copy files and other important items into the body of information too. Through document scanning even hard copies can be included in the document management system, making the system handy, complete and fully accessible. FileBound is everything a system can be; managed according to a retention schedule and plan you establish that takes items from front of mind accessibility to behind-the-scenes storage, to permanent archives and ultimately, for some items, to destruction.

Clearly, it’s a new day for the accounting office and, thanks to the FileBound solution, there’s a document management system ideally sized for your business.

Several types of documents you can manage using FileBound:

Accounting Practice

  • Audit worksheets for each client
  • Audited accounts and reports
  • Tax forms such as Income Tax and GST Statements.
  • Documents relating to tax consultancy services
  • Accounting records relating to the practice itself

Financial Accounting

  • Sales and Purchase Invoices
  • Evidential documents for cash receipts and payments
  • Documents supporting accounting adjustments
  • Contracts, agreements and correspondence
  • Transaction records like Purchase and Sales Registers, Cash and Bank Books and General Journals
  • Accounts lists such as Trial Balance, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
  • Summary results such as Profit & Loss Account, Funds Flow Statement and Balance Sheet

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