December 14, 2021

Drive Success with FileBound V8.

By FileBound Solutions

FileBound Solutions is pleased to announce that FileBound version 8 is now in market.

This update brings several useful new and enhanced features that expand upon and improve FileBound’s value proposition ensuring FileBound users get to enjoy increased return on their investment.

Here are the top new features of FileBound V8 that will help drive your success:

Forms go anonymous to enable customer interaction automation

We have added two new authentication methods for the FileBound Forms portal, Anonymous and Anonymous with Password. These methods, which allow an organisation to interact with users outside of their current user base, combined with the updated FileBound workflow engine to deliver automation and digitisation of customer facing work processes.

The HelloSign Integration reaches maturity

The HelloSign integration is now completely automatable. An organisation can use the FileBound workflow to drive all work processes that include the need for requesting and accepting digital signatures. This allows for full automation of client signing processes. The integration is also now enabled in all the FileBound document viewers.

Back-end improvements that empower front-end capability

In this release, we have rewritten everything about how numeric fields work, and we have rearranged the data structures relating to such, opening an entirely new level of configurability for this field type. These changes have allowed us to deliver new functions such as the ability to populate a numeric field using a live calculation**.**

Forms engineering improvements

FileBound V8 introduces form versioning for web forms. Mirroring the same version functionality as FileBound’s workflow engine, the versioning history is automatically retained as changes are made to any web form over time.

Control the data source

Organisations can now control how users add new files to FileBound by forcing them to use forms instead of the traditional Add Content page. This significantly improves the data validation and quality outcomes of the designed processes.

Improved workflow management capabilities

Users with the Workflow Assignment Management right can now update the due date of assignments and view and complete workflow assignments in the Web Viewer.

Other changes of note

  • The Rest API gets some additions with new Generate Web Form, Project Link and change user password endpoints.
  • Reporting improvements to the Workflow Status Report.
  • Document drag-and-drop into the viewer now opens the file creation screen, which will guide users through the process of creating a new file ensuring all the right document metadata is captured.
  • There is a new Web Viewer setting that allows users to zip documents when emailing, allowing for much larger document sets to be distributed using the email method.

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