September 17, 2020

Fast Path to Digital Series.

By Lee Bourke

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has thrown business as we know it into unchartered territory, we have created a series of videos demonstrating how you can quickly take steps to digitise aspects of your business to better adapt to the new normal – a remote workforce.

Our ‘Fast Path to Digital’ solutions are designed to give you a quick win – it’s not end to end automation, but it will get you started on your journey. The aim is to improve the availability of documents and the experience of your employees.

FileBound is a versatile work automation platform that can be configured for an unlimited number of use cases. The technology is cloud based, able to be scaled as you grow and provide work process efficiencies across multiple organisational units.

All of the videos shown below can be found on our YouTube channel, specifically within the Fast Path to Digital Playlist.

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Rapidly onboard your Accounts Payable process to the FileBound platform.




Check back soon for new ‘Fast Path to Digital’ solutions including

  • Digital Deal Packs – Create a digital file repository that grows with your deal progression
  • Accounts Receivable – Digitise your Accounts Receivable process
  • And more!

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