Tungsten Power PDF.

The Most Powerful PDF Solution

Harness the true potential of your documents with Tungsten Power PDF (formally Kofax Power PDF), the industry-leading software that empowers you to create, edit, convert, and securely share PDF files like never before. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional PDF tools and unlock a world of efficiency, collaboration, and productivity.

Businesses all want streamlined PDF document workflows, Tungsten Power PDF is the key to unlocking your PDF prowess. Join the countless satisfied users who have already experienced the transformational power of Tungsten Power PDF and embark on a journey to elevate your document experiences to new heights.

Explore cutting-edge features, discover the ease of use, and embrace a future where PDFs become more than just files – they become your ultimate ally in conquering the digital landscape. Step into a world of innovation and make every PDF a testament to your true potential with Tungsten Power PDF.






Tungsten Power PDF. Looking for an alternative to Adobe Acrobat PDF?

Power PDF has been the top PDF alternative to Adobe and other software companies for 20 years. With Power PDF, you’ll save money while improving each of the essential functions your business relies on.

With a familiar Microsoft-style interface, more powerful security, more accurate OCR, and best of all, no endless subscription fees for perpetual licensing, Power PDF is the right choice for your PDF editor.


A ribbon-style interface that is familiar and easy to use.

Get your work done faster with fewer clicks.

Connects to popular DMS solutions, including SharePoint.


Security without passwords using Microsoft AD.

Latest PDF architecture updates for enhanced security and with industry-standard encryption capabilities as standard.

Advanced security options for organisations to Lock down network connections and features for security compliance and best practices.


Real-time collaboration delivering new levels of team productivity.

Intuitive tools and capabilities.

Unique capabilities like table of contents creation, stamp tool and redaction.

Conversions & Scanning

Unequalled levels of accuracy from the leader in OCR recognition technology.

Fastest and most effective way to turn paper into digital PDF files leveraging your MFP or scanners.

Simple to use one-step text editing, redacting or strike-through and highlighting.


Search via an alphanumeric pattern rather than exact text to find what you’re looking for faster.

Increased search precision by automatically proofreading the hidden text in your scanned PDF files.

The power of fuzzy search provides search engine-like results to find near-matches.

Discover The Advantages Power PDF

Built For Business Users

  • Easily share documents in the cloud.
    • Collaborate safely on your own server.
  • New document management integrations
  • E-signature
  • PDF 2.0 and PDF/A-4
    • Adheres to the latest ISO standards for long-term security and accessibility.
  • Accessibility
    • Workflow management
  • Mobile Solution
    • Works across devices and platforms
    • Enable your hybrid workforce.

Drive Success in your business with enhanced PDF editing capabilities today!

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