Document Imaging.

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Much of business today revolves around creating documents, altering them, storing them and then finding them again. Build a spreadsheet. Send an email. Write a proposal. Invoice clients. In one way or another, we all are part of a data proliferation that’s regularly discussed as the information explosion!

What good is this vast amount of information if we cannot organize it, store it and retrieve it in such a way that it is instantly accessible? Clearly, without organisation and accessibility, these documents are useless. The utter magnitude of information today necessitated the need for an Enterprise Document Management Solution like FileBound.

Within the FileBound solution you can organize, store, and instantly retrieve all of the critical documents that support the mission of your organisation. Document images can be created and directly stored within the FileBound system using one of the FileBound scanning tools, which attach to traditional document scanners, and by importing the images using FileBound importing tools, which imports images from third party scanning applications, fax servers, or digital copiers. Document images stored in the system can “filed” or indexed according to how you would want to search for them in the future.

Security policies can be applied to applications within the system such as Accounts Payable or Human Resource files, individual files, or even specific documents. Security rights can even be controlled around the functionality groups of users have access to such as printing, emailing, or changing documents within the system.

The FileBound Enterprise Document Management (EDM) Solution provides the imaging functionality you need to solve the following challenges:

  • Scalability of paper intensive applications
  • Application of security policies for documents containing sensitive information
  • Tracking document activities for regulatory compliance
  • Providing remote access to diverse forms of documents that together create a unit or transactional file
  • Reducing the labor cost of managing paper filing applications

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