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e-Invoicing Solutions to Scale Your Business

Simplify your accounts payable, and streamline the invoicing process with our e-Invoicing services. At FileBound Solutions, we apply our intelligent workflow with the power of business e-invoicing software to save you time, stress, and money.

Quite simply, FileBound Solutions will deliver benefits to your business which will simplify your accounts payable work cycle, allowing your business to accelerate its growth.

Electronic invoicing makes accounts payable easy

Electronic invoicing, or e-Invoicing, is the automated exchange of invoicing information directly between the buyer's and seller's own accounting software systems.

By using secure technology that follows the PEPPOL common standard protocols codified by the relevant government agencies in Australia and New Zealand, businesses can do away with paper or PDF invoices and move to electronic invoices. This allows businesses to streamline payment processing and save time and money on their current accounting systems.

eInvoicing allows faster payments, trusted invoice data, and less manual work for your business, enabling you to simplify the payment processes with your suppliers over a secure network operating from different accounting software.

With eInvoicing, your business benefits from efficient, accurate, and secure payments without the stress of scanning, emailing, printing, or posting invoices.

Reap the benefits of avoiding lagging payment times and costly errors by misaligned payment systems and human input by moving to business eInvoicing.

FileBound Solutions are the experts in e-Invoicing

As proven experts in workflow and integration, FileBound Solutions are your best option for seamless adoption with eInvoicing and eProcurement services.

FileBound Solutionscollaborates with various eInvoicing accredited suppliers to offer our clients the most innovative, secure, and cost-effective services.

How can FileBound help?

Through our streamlined eInvoice services, businesses can expect to see:


We allow you to have less manual oversight through automatic e-Invoicing. Payments and advance shipping notes integrate seamlessly between diverse accounting software systems to streamline your accounts payable.


We remove many of the errors that are introduced from manual entry and printed or emailed documents. With direct-to-payment supplier invoicing that reduces the errors inherent in printing, scanning, emailing, and manually entering payments, your business can enjoy greater accuracy in its accounts payable department.


We integrate directly to payment provider transactions on a secure network with government support and oversight. This means that companies can feel confident in their automatic payments, with fewer points of vulnerability and a closed network exchange that results in greater security.

Reduced payment times

We provide quicker payment times by integrating eInvoicing into a business's accounts payable department. This avoids much of the manual work of scanning, printing, and entering information which typically takes hours every week. Instead, with eInvoicing, payments are made direct from buyers to suppliers with fewer points of contact, meaning businesses can enjoy quicker payment times and more efficient supply chains.

Cost savings

We cut costs in accounts payable departments, including; printing, mailing, or emailing invoices, reducing costly errors in payments, time spent on manually entering invoicing information, and greater cash flow due to faster invoice payment.

Email, PDF, or paper invoices typically cost between $27 to $30 to process, costing a business a large sum of money each quarter. However, with e-invoicing, businesses will pay less than $10 per invoice on average.

Environmentally friendly

Because we bring all payable invoices to an electronic software solution, businesses can lessen their contribution to a large amount of paper wasted each year.

What is the PEPPOL eDelivery network?

PEPPOL is an international set of guidelines that enable businesses to quickly, safely, and simply exchange digital invoices along with other eProcurement information such as orders and advance shipping notes.

The PEPPOL eDelivery Network is part of the framework that allows businesses to send and receive invoices with payment providers in the public sector.

Simply put, the PEPPOL network allows anyone from large companies to small businesses to perform eInvoicing quickly, easily, and securely.

The ATO is the Australian PEPPOL Authority

The Australian Taxation Office, the established Australian PEPPOL authority, develops and manages the PEPPOL framework in Australia, along with assisting e-Invoicing adoption.

Since its adoption in 2019, the ATO has been working with the service provider and business community to actively encourage business awareness of electronic invoices by hosting educational activities leading to PEPPOL eInvoicing compliance.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE)  is the New Zealand PEPPOL Authority

MBIE has the responsibility of overseeing New Zealand’s eInvoicing framework. As a Peppol Authority, MBIE's responsibilities are:

  • To develop regional arrangements and requirements.

  • To oversee the local implementation of the framework.

  • To onboard and accredit Peppol access point providers, including the security checks.

  • To monitor access point provider compliance to standards and legislation.

  • To provide tools and resources to help organisations adopt eInvoicing.

eInvoicing compliance for trading partners

These governments have made clear their intentions are to drive the adoption of the PEPPOL system of eProcurement. Companies, along with all government agencies, will require their trading partners to send eInvoices on the PEPPOL network to comply with government specifications in the future.

To prepare your business for PEPPOL compliance, contact us and let's talk solutions.

Choose FileBound Solutions to drive success for your business

With over 50 years of combined experience in the document management and information technology space, FileBound Solutions is the trusted solution in the Accounts Payable invoice lifecycle.

We operate on the principles of innovation, excellence, affordability, and collaboration to bring you the best service. Our intelligent workflow and experience in integrating eInvoicing solutions into businesses of any size to drive growth and success are what set us apart from other companies.

Quite simply, by working with FileBound Solutions, we will make your accounts payable systems efficient, accurate, fast, cost-effective, secure, and environmentally friendly.

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