FileBound Solutions Capture Service

The Capture Service is used for capturing data from documents using digital methods.  The Capture Service also includes a manual exception processing component, which means your team don’t need to spend their valuable time performing data entry.

Furthermore, the service runs on AWS’s market leading infrastructure and has been built to be ISO27001 (Information Security) compliant.

Check out the Capture Service overview by watching this short video :

  • Critical information pre-populated and validated
  • Drastically reduces manual data entry
  • Your team is able to focus on more value-added tasks
  • Incorporates Line of Business System Integration
  • Housed in an ISO27001 Information Security Compliant environment


Among the array of progressive methods FileBound Solutions employs to streamline processes and enhance productivity for your enterprise, Kofax PSIcapture takes the spotlight as a key product in our toolkit. As a leading Digital Solutions company, FileBound Solutions wholeheartedly endorses the capabilities of this software.

PSIcapture is the quintessential solution for converting data into actionable information, making it more than just a document digitisation tool. This sophisticated document capture, OCR, and data extraction software is meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses, including document classification.

PSIcapture excels at bulk scanning, efficiently uploading batch files into your system, and seamlessly integrating with a variety of 3rd party platforms. It serves as the linchpin of your document management and workflow automation, helping your business achieve efficiency, compliance, and cost savings. Whether you're striving for a paperless office or seeking to improve data recognition and document classification, PSIcapture is your trusted partner in this transformative journey. Explore our resources to learn more about how PSIcapture can revolutionize your document processing workflows.


High-speed, precise capture processes nearly any document from a variety of sources, such as high-speed scanners, MFPs, emails, and monitored folders.

Extract & Classify

Retrieve the data you require and categorize documents by type, utilizing robust automation tools without hindering your production pace.


Migrate (or publish) to a wide range of Document Management, Line of Business, and ECM Systems either via load files or a direct connection.

The key benefits of PSIcapture

PSIcapture's sophisticated document capture and data extraction capabilities were designed considering the practical needs of businesses. The tools offered by PSIcapture enable your enterprise to optimize information extraction, isolating essential components to transform them into searchable PDFs and direct them to a digital repository.

Transform your data into actionable information that can enhance the efficiency of your business operations with Kofax PSIcapture today.

Ephesoft Transact

AI-Driven Intelligent Document Processing with Ephesoft Transact

Leverage the power of Ephesoft Transact and Semantik AI Engine for fast, extensive document capture and data retrieval. Boost operations, increase productivity, and achieve quick ROI.


Any source, any format.





Intelligent Process Automation in the Cloud offers:

  • Rapid onboarding
  • Access to new features and updates
  • Scalability and high availability
  • Designed for security
  • Lower management overhead
  • AI-powered classification with operator calibration control
  • Custom scripts to enforce business logic in workflow
  • Web APIs support direct embedding in enterprise apps and customer portals

How Ephesoft Transact works

Ephesoft Transact and Semantik AI Engine utilize advanced AI and machine learning to convert unstructured data into structured form, vital in today's data-centric business landscape.

Why IDP Matters

Intelligent Document Processing is a software solution that employs data capture technology to extract vital information from both digital and physical documents.

Here are the stages in Ephesoft's intelligent document processing platform:

Document Capture

Ephesoft's platform can capture documents from various sources, including digital formats like PDFs and emails, or scanned physical documents.


Employing advanced AI algorithms, it can discern and classify documents by types – for instance, invoices, contracts, or forms – irrespective of their format or structure.

Data Extraction

Ephesoft's platform takes it a notch higher by extracting critical data fields within these documents. With machine learning, the software's accuracy at identifying and extracting essential information improves over time.


The retrieved data subsequently goes through a validation process to confirm its accuracy.


Lastly, the validated data is exported in a structured format, easily assimilated by other systems such as ERP or CRM. This conversion turns previously inaccessible content into valuable, actionable information.

Why Opt for Ephesoft Transact Semantik AI Engine?

Ephesoft's Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is a software service that harnesses data capture technology to extract crucial data from both digital and physical documents, offering a streamlined approach for managing your documents.

By adopting this advanced technology, you can gain substantial competitive edges, such as:

  • Seamless assurance of data privacy and compliance with regulations
  • Broad, scalable document processing capabilities
  • Notable time and financial savings
  • Enhanced efficiency leading to happier employees
  • A solid foundation to jumpstart digital transformation efforts

What Makes Ephesoft Transact Stand Out from Other Capture Products?

Ephesoft sets itself apart from other capture products by innovatively employing AI and machine learning technologies for superior data extraction accuracy and efficiency. Its scalable, cloud-native architecture offers a unique solution for businesses aiming to swiftly and securely process large quantities of documents.

Here are some distinguishing features of Ephesoft as a capture product:

  • Universal document automation: processes documents in any format
  • Customisability: easily adaptable to your business's evolving needs
  • Ready-to-use APIs: ensures effortless integration
  • Advanced classification: for swift deployment
  • Full, mature capture workflow
  • Accurate handwriting recognition
  • Deployment options: cloud, hybrid, or on-premises for flexibility across enterprises
  • Simple browser interface: requires no installation and minimal training

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The necessity of continually adapting and enhancing your business processes is essential to meet the shifting requirements of your customers. The FileBound Solutions team is committed to increasing your business’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability with a variety of solutions, including Ephesoft Transact.

We tailor our approach to fit your business strategy, adjusting to the constant changes within your sector. Consult with our experts about how Ephesoft Transact can propel your business today. Our suite of technology solutions aids your digital transformation by leveraging comprehensive software products and supportive services for optimal efficiency. Let our team contribute to your success today.

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