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FileBound Solutions is a leading provider of digital solutions and process re-engineering for document and workflow management. Offering a full document life cycle management solution, FileBound streamlines business processes through document imaging, records management, workflow automation, systems integration and electronic forms capture.

A comprehensive cloud-based document management system, FileBound has the power to transform your entire business. In addition to streamlining business processes, FileBound offers a single view of data. This delivers unparalleled visibility for your organisation and presents the opportunity to fully harness data, to unlock the true potential of your business.

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The FileBound Advantage

FileBound delivers the following benefits to mid-sized organisations:

Document visibility

FileBound digitises paper documents for easier handling, connects separate systems to deliver a single view and helps you locate documents quickly, using any connected device.

Process efficiencies

FileBound’s simple drag and drop functionality makes it easy to create automated workflows to eliminate manual handling, speed up administrative processes and save valuable time.

Unlocks staff potential

FileBound’s automation and streamlining capabilities eliminate manual data entry and other low-value tasks, giving your staff the chance to tackle high-value work and unlock their full potential.

Key Solutions

FileBound offers a range of solutions to address administrative issues, whatever your industry:

Document management

Easily store and protect critical business content in a secure, centralised repository, accessed by authorised employees via a simple search.

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Accounts payable

Transform invoice processing and save time and resources with easy workflow automation, document scanning and automatic routing.

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Contract management

Manage multiple contracts by scanning documents, creating automated workflows and accessing information in a single location.

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Human resources

Eliminate the need to store physical staff records and access the information you need instantly with FileBound’s seamless and secure data integration.

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Streamline costly administration, automate payment processing and manage documents more efficiently to improve school performance.

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Organise financial documents and digitise records to improve compliance, more easily locate information and streamline business processes such as accounts payable and accounts receivable.

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FileBound delivers improvements to key organisational workflows, including accounts payable automation, job file management, human resource processes and many more.

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Minimise the administrative burden of creating dealer packs across multiple locations and allow staff to access packs from anywhere.

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FileBound seamlessly integrates with some of the world’s leading applications to further streamline your business, like these:

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Recent Articles

"It was the solution that best met our needs.."

We chose FileBound because it was the solution that best met our needs. It would streamline our accounts payable and was easy to use.

Kerry Paulsen, Assistant Business Manager

"FileBound is not just for invoice management."

We can leverage additional functionality for HR, employment contract documentation and other business processes, wherever you need to capture processes and documentation.

Jade Collins, CFO

"I found FileBound was very focused on being solution based."

Really trying to understand what the problem was, trying to actually come up with a solution as opposed to just assuming what I wanted.

Aditi Dhawan, Chief Technology Officer

Norton Hospitality Group

"The flow process design is very intuitive and user friendly."

The FileBound system is working very well and meeting our expectations. We are happy with the way the process has been tailored to meet our needs, and for the continued support, follow up and review to ensure we get the maximum benefit from the product. The flow process design is very intuitive and user friendly.

Margaret Burt, Business Manager

"The FileBound team were excellent at understanding the requirements."

... and rolling out the system in a very short space of time. The team were very engaged and responsive to any questions, handling required project additions or changes in a structured and efficient manner.

Greg Anderson, Chief Information Officer

"We chose FileBound because it was the solution that could best meet our needs. ."

It has helped streamline our accounts payable and overall is user friendly. The FileBound team are great with handling any queries or concerns that we have, and we usually have an answer within 24 hours for non-urgent queries. I would recommend FileBound to most people for help with processing invoicing.

Kate Sposito, Accounts Administrator

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